Our Aims


Our Aims

  • brisbane1973 To enhance the lifestyle and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and communities
  • To preserve and promote culture
  • Preserve and promote material and cultural heritage
  • To assist and encourage the practice of customs and traditions
  • To recognise and maintain the importance of diversity and multiculturalism
  • To enhance the community’s knowledge and understanding of Indigenous peoples
  • To assist and encourage the development of the cultural industry
  • To assist and encourage sustainable community development
  • To assist and encourage effective engagement
  • To assist and encourage community capacity
  • To ensure corporate values while practicing effective administration
  • To ensure feedback and good relations with the community in order to facilitate decision-making
  • To broker strategic partnerships and alliances with key stakeholders
  • To conduct research into matters affecting Indigenous peoples and community and provide resources associated with such research
  • To provide Indigenous peoples and community with training, education or material resources necessary to enable such people to develop skills and self-confidence and thus be self-determining
  • To identify, promote and develop the interests of Indigenous peoples and community; and
  • To assist and encourage the protection of our natural and cultural environment.


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