Who We Are


Who We Are

SIBW is multicultural publishing & events.

SIBW is a multicultural business that shares the richness of multiculturalism while enriching every day Australian experiences.

SIBW is short for an Indigenous word Sibwannan, meaning the cultural practice of contribution (sharing and receiving).

SIBW offers a range of publishing & producing services that address a large demand in society for programs focused on diversity, reconciliation and enhanced active community sharing and living together.


“Leading with excellence, innovation and progressive engagement towards a thriving society.

Providing positive, meaningful and memorable experiences that enhance active community sharing and living together.”


With over 30 years of cultural knowledge and decades of professional experience, we bring branding into action. Transparent and agile, we are the benchmark in our expertise.

SIBW is about connecting at a grass-roots level, sharing in community capital, participating, collaborating and celebrating.

We offer real-time publishing, engagement, and interaction with a sensory experience, that inspires and informs.

SIBW can reach, engage and interact with more of your audience. We fill the gaps that traditional publishing neglects. We deliver targeted content and marketing to increase your audience participation.

Join us in growing your branding, investing in relationships, and creating advocates.


“Knowledge and experience-led, trusted and professional Indigenous and multicultural publishing & events. 

Engaging the community in their own care and wellbeing.”




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